To replace a 20-year-old system, the Solly Azar insurance firm chose Cleva Web by Gfi ITN. While the modularity of ITN's software package meets the company's requirements, its General Manager Philippe Saby also highlights the constructive relationship with the software publisher, a subsidiary of Gfi Informatique, which has made it possible to overcome the difficulties encountered at the beginning of the project.

To make underwriting and management of insurance contracts extremely smooth, fast and simple for direct and indirect customers. This is Solly Azar's strategy to meet the new uses and needs of ever more connected users. "The world has changed," says Philippe Saby, General Manager of the brokerage firm created in 1977. The information system of the leading wholesale broker on the French market no longer met current needs. "Our existing software package, ITN's V9, was working well, but even so, it was 20 years old. It was encountering difficulties of interconnection with the web," said the executive. The insurer then questioned the relevance of developing a specific solution in comparison with a software package already available on the market. "We had tweaked the V9 so much that it almost became a specific solution “.

After in-depth needs analysis, Solly Azar decided in favor of the software package. "Because insurance contracts entail calls for premiums, guarantees to be set up, etc., we considered it astute to enjoy the advantages of the software package and to assume its disadvantages," explains our interlocutor. However, the company decided to keep its front office in specific solutions for its relations with intermediaries and end customers.

The choice of the software package was made on the basis of a call for tender. Despite relations that had become more distant over time, Solly Azar finally turned to its former supplier, ITN, which was acquired in 2014 by Gfi Informatique, and decided to opt for the Cleva Web offer. The offer sets itself apart by the number of web services offered, its openness to EDM and its general compatibility with peripherals. "The software package had to be integrated into our digital ecosystem. Its modularity has been an asset," explains Philippe Saby.

Difficulties overcome through dialogue

However, not everything was rosy. Poor response times, an ineffective migration factory, a non-functional configuration propagation tool... There was an accumulation of difficulties at the beginning. "But we worked well together with ITN," recalls the executive. "With Béatrice Honnoré (CEO of ITN, NDRL), we made sure that our respective teams really worked together. The general management of both companies worked openly and transparently, putting all their cards on the table. And we reproduced this relationship in our teams. There were constant exchanges, organizations that adapted to the situation, and the test period was extended by three months. The result was worth it. A PoC on the migration of 14,000 motorcycle insurance policies validated the work carried out. "We doubled the duration of the test, but this made it possible to meet the criteria necessary for the signature”.  Started in the second half of 2017, the work is still going on today. Urbanization redesign, subdivision into processes, studies on IT production, rationalization of the EDM... Solly Azar chose to integrate the solution internally. "It takes a bit longer, but there's less risk," says Philippe Saby. The project is consequent and significantly mobilizes the IT Department teams. "Today, it is the business lines that are joining the transformation project. "They are sharing their expectations in order to prepare the configuration and organization of the IS with regard to the strategy adopted.

"When all this is put in place at the end of the year, it will be part of the real construction project to be delivered at the beginning of 2021," says our interlocutor. Why not move forward in batches of activity? "In our case, the time necessary would have been multiplied by three," explains Philippe Saby, who therefore preferred to "make a big bang". It is a new beginning, but one that is carefully prepared. "We shouldn't jump the gun, because if in the middle of the IT project we change our minds, the price doubles and the results collapse," advises the executive. "You have to be extremely careful and I don't regret the time it took for the preparation. It is a factor of success”. The impatient should take heed.

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