Availability of the 2017 Registration Document

Saint-Ouen (France), 19 April 2018 – Gfi Informatique has filed its 2017 Registration Document (the “Registration Document”), which includes its Annual Financial Report, with the Autorité des marchés financiers (the “AMF”), on 18 April 2018 and registered under the number D.18-0342.

The Registration Document is available on the AMF’s website (www.amf-france.org) as well as on the Company’s website (www.gfi.world).

The Registration Document is also available, free of charge, at the Company’s registered office, located in Saint-Ouen (93400), 145 Boulevard Victor Hugo.

About Gfi Informatique
Gfi Informatique is a major player in value-added IT services and software in Europe, and through its differentiated approach occupies a strategic position between global firms and niche entities. With its multi-specialist profile, the Group serves its customers with a unique combination of proximity, sector organisation and industrial-quality solutions. The Group has around 16,000 employees and generated revenue of €1,132 million in 2017.
Gfi Informatique is listed on the Paris Euronext, NYSE Euronext (Compartment B) -ISIN Code: FR0004038099.

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