Telecoms operators are currently faced with a changing market: 4G offers, increasing data volume, new players on the market (new operators, such as Free en France and MVNOs, Google, Facebook and Apple abroad), and with changes in user behaviour (multi-channels, immediacy, etc.).

Facing increased competition and an evolving market

In light of these challenges, operators’ commercial information systems do not always offer them the necessary flexibility. Information systems need to be updated. This raises several questions: should they do a complete overhaul? Do it in stages? In that case, where do they begin? Customer interaction? The core: valorising their investments? Best-of-breed or best-of-suite solutions? There is no single answer to each of these questions. They depend on the operators’ objectives, market and competition.

Solutions tailored to market specificities

Drawing on 20 years of experience in the integration of performance and billing solutions for telecom operators worldwide, Gfi is able to provide a solution tailored to the specific challenges and constraints of each operator.

20 years of industry experience

Drawing on 20 years of experience in the telecom and IT industries, our comprehensive knowledge of all business processes enables us to work on an increasing number of highly varied projects in the area of performance and billing. As such, we are able to address all challenges.

Download the Valorisation and Billing offer, and discover all of its features.

Strong partnerships with leading market players

Our solutions are based on recognised products on the market. That is why we have established strong partnerships with companies like Ericsson (for its BSCS suite), Redknee (for its Unified suite), and we regularly work with other publishers like OpenCell, ZTEsoft, etc.

We consider the different requirements expressed in the specifications and offer the solution most suited to telecom operators.

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