For an international pharmaceutical group operating in more than 50 countries and with products distributed across 120 countries worldwide, the maintenance of its SAP applications and the comprehensive management of its IT systems are crucial. It is only natural to entrust these services to a highly innovative service provider well-versed in the business.

The outsourcing of this client’s information systems was a real challenge involving SAP application maintenance, comprehensive IS management and the steering of business development projects. The international pharmaceutical group, operating in more than 50 countries and with products distributed across 120 countries, decided to entrust this project to Gfi in 2010. Gfi boasts strong experience in similar logistics projects, expertise in the pharmaceutical industry, and the ability to combine industrial strategy with a client-oriented approach. Accordingly, over the last five years the client was able to benefit from strategic watch services, innovations, and technological improvements to its information system.

The advantage of an efficient ERP system: a solution to support business lines

The first step was to implement SAP WM functionalities to replace DATUS, the previous solution used to manage warehouse areas, including areas where stocks are stored very high up, and moved using a three-way forklift truck steered depending on its position within the aisles. There were some constraints: the standardisation achieved with the SAP installation had to take into account the particular requirements of the business lines, and limit the number specific developments required.

The solution involved implementing the WM – HUM module, with a solution that minimised the movement of the fork-lift trucks, and creating a cockpit to coordinate work orders (WO) in order to manage priority WOs. In addition, the preparation of annual WOs had to be stopped, and unplanned movements had to be filtered out.

A long-term partnership

The management of the company hailed the project as a success. This first major step led to Gfi’s management of all services in its locations in Sophia Antipolis (SAP services centre) and Nantes (24/7 operation). The partnership was even renewed until the end of 2018. Furthermore, some 15 complementary projects have emerged, also managed by Gfi, which today delivers a full range of services covering all business lines. This competence is backed by strong governance and management in consistently close collaboration with the client, as well as technical and functional advisors that centralise and coordinate the requirements and solutions.

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