An American company specialised in the supply of food ingredients and commodity trading tasked Gfi with its SAP implementation project at its Texturing Solutions business sites. These cover 31 commercial agencies and 20 plants in Europe. The programme was vital to the alignment of sales and production processes.

For 150 years, this client has been supplying financial, industrial and food products and services throughout the world. An acquisition made in 2006 developed the group’s food texture agent business (thickening and stabilising gelling agents for food and beverages), leading to the need to align sales and production processes in Europe. It chose Gfi to implement SAP across all of its sites. The decision was based on Gfi’s experience, comprehensive approach and business expertise.

SAP at several levels and following several processes

Launched in 2013, the programme planned to implement SAP applications at several levels: for the sales flows of commercial agencies in Spain, Italy, Poland and the UK, as well as the production and sales flows of plants in Germany, the Netherlands, France and Morocco. The core model was then broken down into several processes, such as RTR (finance), PRTP (procurement), MGMS (inventory), PLTP (production, planning and quality), and OTSC (sales). This project was led by a team of about 15 people over nine months.

A long and fruitful history

Our collaboration with this client dates back to the early 2000s, with the outsourcing of its systems and of part of the French subsidiary’s IT teams. Since 2006, Gfi has implemented various development projects (GMAO, transport management, etc.) and provided SAP application maintenance, as well as implementing edge solutions (WMS, expeditions, quality). For this project, it was only natural that Gfi first supported its client in the exploratory phase towards SAP implementation. Subsequently, in early 2014, Gfi created the initial version of a core model launched in the Spanish subsidiary. From September 2014 to June 2015, the final version was created with all key business players and subsidiaries, focusing on sales flows and production.

Sales flows in the Italian, Polish and English agencies were started up in end-May 2015.

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