For more than 10 years, Gfi designed procedures and tailor-made services to industrialise the Information Systems (IS) of the life insurance division of a major French banking group. These services have enabled the insurer to optimise its processes, significantly reduce IS management costs, and successfully complete many other projects.

A dedicated and secure Services Centre

In 2005, our client’s Information Systems Department chose Gfi to industrialise and operate the application maintenance of its savings contracts management platform. The provident contracts management platform followed in 2009.

At the client’s request, we established a dedicated and secure Services Centre (SC) in Lille, producing the following results:

  • Efficient maintenance of operational IS on a daily basis, and regular updates to meet regulatory developments;
  • Increased productivity: the relocation from PAris to Lille and the expertise of our teams have helped to reduce expenses related to property and IS management;
  • More leeway for our client: recruitments are redirected to profiles with high added value, a budget available to develop new projects.

Gfi: choose efficiency

Within six months, we effected the transition to the new SC in Lille by putting together a dedicated team (up to 45 people) and securing the data and links to the headquarters, without disrupting the insurer’s usual organisation.

The Centre’s efficiency is based on 3 pillars:

  • Proximity. At only 1h30 from the headquarters, the SC enables fast and effective exchanges with its teams;
  • Experience and perfect control of the client’s universe. Previous collaborations have given our employees perfect knowledge of the client. Day after day, we have become truly proactive and capable of providing the insurer with increasingly effective solutions.
  • Flexibility. The client is regularly informed of the work carried out by the Gfi team: a weekly committee determines the priority projects and confirms the profile and number of employees to be dedicated to the work. Moreover, our SC is able to absorb spikes and drops in work load very quickly, while ensuring a high level of quality.

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