Our PMO Leader, Pedro Gonzaga, share with us the 3 reasons why you not have to use a PMO Team. Discover it!

1. You are satisfied with recent performance of IT projects

Recent study shows that, on average, companies waste 10% of every dollar they spend on projects. This amount to nearly 2 trillion USD wasted, every year.

Moreover, 48% of projects are not completed on time, and 31% do not meet their goals (if they have goals).

These statistics are not new. Executives know that most IT projects follow a common path: delay, delusion and dissatisfaction.

There is a group of executives who think these results are unavoidable. But, as with other topics of corporate life, results depend (significantly) on methods.

2. The ambition of your company is modest

Every company has goals. To achieve these goals, teams work together in routine operations and procedures, but occasionally, they find the need to make changes. Create a new product, enter a new market, improve a service, conquer new clients, among other examples. To make these changes a reality, companies define and implement projects. 

If your company or organization does not need to change, you don’t need to manage and execute projects.

3. You don’t mind to waste time

All resources are scarce, but there is one that is special: time. One could always raise more capital and recruit more employees.

Leaders who fully understand the relation between time and energy, avoid the increase of their span of control. This is very important, because, usually each project has a different manager who reports in a different format/ template.

In this context, to receive information and make decisions, a leader must spend time with each project manager and their teams.

Since most projects are related to each other, contribute to common goals, and demand critical resources to produce results, there is a better way to manage them.

If want to know how,

Pedro Gonzaga
PMO Leader at Gfi Portugal

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