We power your digital transformation strategies, while driving your business performance and raising the efficiency bar on your organizations

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As a publisher of multi-sector business software, we offer an extensive array of solutions geared towards the needs of four key sectors: public sector, distribution & transport, healthcare & social services, and insurance & finance.

We are focused on our mission of driving our clients' business performance by promoting easier sharing of management information, leveraging business intelligence and guaranteeing compliance with regulations, while continually remaining ahead of the innovation curve. We have built trust with over 3,000 clients, who have been drawing strength from our business expertise for more than 30 years. The reliability of our solutions and innovations (digitisation, mobility, cloud, ERP, CRM, and so on) plays a key role in moving their transformation projects forward.

Tangible solutions

Our products are sold across Europe, Africa, North America and South America.

We offer a broad suite of solutions specifically designed to:

  • Drive business performance with an end-to-end range of latest-generation products guaranteeing regulatory compliance, operational efficiency and futureproof technology for insurers, bank insurance companies, private health insurance firms and brokers.
    • For the insurance sector, Gfi Informatique has developed a range of solutions for generating savings, provident fund and pension simulations for the precautionary savings market segment, as well as back office functionality mainly addressing the Tier 2 insurance market with over 40 clients currently in its portfolio.
  • Raise the efficiency bar on organisations
    • Gfi Informatique is a leading vendor of enterprise solutions and services for time management, activity management and human resources scheduling with a 220-strong team of experts and the Chronotime range, which is used by over 1,700 clients. With more than 100 installs across Europe, Chronotime has set THE gold standard in time and activity management.
    • With our Bdoc Suite, we offer a CCM solution (Customer Communication Management) that can be used to manage and personalise customer communications in real time. Gfi has developed a holistic, cross-cutting solution with a modular and responsive design for companies and authorities that seamlessly adapts to business, ERP, CRM and other applications for processing all outgoing documents.
    • Company Hub, the brainchild of Gfi Informatique's Innovation Lab, is a complete solution that provides private and public sector clients with a mobile platform featuring a mobile app available for all operating systems (iOS, Android and Microsoft), a service store and a back office for managing security, while simplifying and standardising integration.  This cutting-edge solution has been exclusively developed in the Azure Cloud and is supported by Microsoft through a strong partnership with its Dx entity specialising in SaaS solutions.

Our dedicated solutions

Our crosscutting solutions