In 2017, Gfi became one of the two official Liferay partners in Portugal. The competence of the Gfi team and the projects developed over the last few years, have allowed Gfi to integrate this restricted group in Portugal and Spain, supporting customers in their digital transformation.

Our Offer

The Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is an Open Source solution that responds to the new challenges of digital, allowing the creation, simple and dynamic, of Institutional Portals, Intranets, Service Portals and Integration Platforms.

  • Commerce
    Accelerating purchasing processes and raising the level of the relationship between supplier and customers is one of the main objectives of this platform. By offering a single interface for product catalog display, offer customization, and pricing model management, the product remove the complexity found in many transactions. Organizations can also take advantage of Liferay Commerce's machine learning capabilities to understand customers' purchase history and make more structured decisions about inventory and inventory management.
  • Analytics Cloud
    Liferay Analytics Cloud is an analysis tool, integrated in Liferay DXP, designed to aggregate and structure the data for a detailed visualization of the interaction of your target audience. Through Liferay Analytics Cloud, it is possible to analyze the activity history, interaction and interest of each user, as well as investigate the behavior of the audience, facilitating the identification and promotion of the best contents, for example. Liferay Analytics Cloud will be offered as a SaaS based subscription for Liferay DXP customers.

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