Partners since 2011, Gfi and Cisco have been developing a work of closeness and partnership, from which stand out strategic projects in the areas of Cloud, Security and Collaboration. With a certified and experienced team in the implementation of Cisco technologies, Gfi supports its customers in all phases of their infrastructure transformation and migration to Cloud projects, ensuring security and technology resilience requirements.

Our Offer

Cloud, Networking and Datacenter

  • Computing and Storage
    The high volume of data generated has forced organizations to rethink their computing and storage model, ensuring maximum operational efficiency and security. With Cisco's leading solutions, we have been able to support you in redefining your infrastructure and implementing solutions that ensure the sustainability of your business.
  • Hyperconverged Infrastructures
    By combining computing, storage and networking into a single virtualized layer, the Hyperconverge Infrastructure enables you to centralize the management model, ensuring the maximum flexibility, scalability, and simplicity that Cloud powers in a Datacenter. (Cisco HyperFlex)
  • Datacenter Networking
    The high use of mobile applications and mobile devices or new Analytics and Big Data solutions has driven new challenges to the datacenter network capacity, needed to ensure the best performance of the systems.
  • ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite
    Automation solution for hybrid Cloud, the Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite is designed to remove IT manual processes across the organization, providing maximum freedom for your teams and a customized portal for service management. 

Network, Security and IoT

  • Cisco Firepower Next-Generation Firewall
    First Next-Generation Firewall - a network security device that controls traffic and manages incoming and outgoing in accordance with a set of security rules – fully integrated and focused on defending against external threats, without affecting the performance of critical business functions.
  • Cisco Umbrella
    Cisco Umbrella is the first Secure Internet Gateway (GIS) solution in Cloud and provides the first line of defense against Internet security threats. By combining a security layer in DNS (Domain Name System), a key system for managing Internet names and domains, with a dedicated proxy for further evaluation, Cisco Umbrella provides to the organization a complete view of its digital activity, in all locations, devices, and users, blocking threats before they reach the network. A solution that allows, with low investment, to block, in advance, phishing actions (online fraud technique to get information and personal data through false messages) and malware (malicious software), immediately identifying the infected devices and avoiding a breach of security or obtaining personal and business data.
  • Cisco CloudLock
    Cisco Cloudlock is a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), a tool that allows you to ensure the levels of security needed to access the Internet in a cloud-based system. Cisco Cloudlock protects users, data and applications (SaaS, PaaS and IaaS), by detecting content not authorized by the organization and ensuring compliance with good practices in information sharing.
  • Endpoint Security
    The Cisco AMP for Endpoints solution combines prevention, detection and response, enabling teams to gain greater visibility into malicious behavior and to be faster in their protection.
  • Routing, Switching and Network Management
    Simplify and speed up the evolution of your infrastructures (Mobility, Internet of Things, Datacenter and Cloud) with maximum security.
  • IoT – Internet of Things
    Cisco has a complete offer to enhance the operational efficiency of cities, industry and transports, improving intelligence and process monitoring and streamlining decision making.

Collaboration and Mobility

  • Unified Communications
    Recognized as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications (2017), Cisco has a suite of highly tested solutions that can create a fully unified, fast, and secure workspace by integrating collaboration and communication applications.
  • Conferencing -  Online Meetings and Videoconferencing
    More advanced video conferencing and telepresence solutions save time, reduce travel costs, and expand collaboration efforts.
  • Collaboration endpoints
    With a broad portfolio of endpoints, Cisco ensures a highly reliable collaboration experience, from immersive systems to mobile devices.
  • Wireless Solutions
    Build your wireless infrastructure and empower your business to work collaboratively and securely.

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