The management of human capital is one of the key factors affecting the performance of an organisation. The principal issues faced by HR managers are attracting and retaining talent, steering HR activities, and navigating their own digital transformation. Technological changes are providing HR departments with innovative solutions (SaaS, automation, social networks, intranet portals…) that give them improved flexibility and reactivity to support the transformation of their organisation.

With extensive experience in HR information systems, our dedicated skill centre supports the digital transformation of an HR department with several services:

  • HR consulting

We carry out a preliminary study to identify opportunities, and provide support in choosing a solution, reworking and optimizing HR processes, and defining organisational strategies.

  • Technical consulting and deployment of SaaS solutions

Assistance with project steering, scoping, and expression of requirements; writing functional specifications and defining test cases; training; change management; and deployment support.

  • Reworking HR information systems

Analysis and optimisation of existing solutions, integration, technological migration and maintenance of the system in operating condition, definition and implementation of technical architecture.

  • Validation tools

”Déclaration Sociale Nominative” (DSN): Gfi is selling a plug-and-play solution to look up, validate, and correct (the Net4DS module) the social security declarations of employees in compliance with this new government standard in France. You can also keep track of exchanges with the Net Enterprise portal (the DSNHub module).

Solutions offered by our skill centre in HR information systems

Our skill centre in HR information systems (HRIS) draws on both internal solutions and those provided by our partners, who are leaders in their respective markets:

For HR management, our HRIS skill centre prefers the Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud solution published by Oracle. It allows you to locate, develop, and retain the best talents, facilitate collaboration, obtain an overview of the workforce, and improve the efficiency of HR activities.

For payroll management, our HRIS skill centre prefers the HR Access solution published by Sopra HR Software.

Technomedia offers integrated solutions for global talent management (recruitment, performance and skills, career and succession, compensation, training and development).


TalentSoft proposes an optimized talent management system through its 100% Cloud modules, which handle recruitment, performance evaluation, training, skill and career development, and compensation management.

Salesforce for HR empowers and involves employees by offering them a personalised experience, and furnishes the data and skills necessary to attract, manage, and retain the best staff.


20 years of experience

Gfi’s HRIS service is based on perfect knowledge of the principal market solutions, acquired over more than 20 years of experience. Our teams know how to integrate new technological solutions autonomously.  When faced with technical evolutions or the development of functionalities covered by the HRIS, our skill centre assists with project steering and impact management, as well as revisiting and improving existing assets.

In addition to this expertise in market solutions, we bring value to our clients by developing tools to facilitate the day-to-day management of HR activities.

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