When mid-cap companies decide to overhaul their information system, or more rarely nowadays as first-time buyers, they increasingly choose an integrated solution (ERP) to avoid information redundancy, a proliferation of interfaces, or reverting to the use of heterogeneous solutions for the purposes of Logistics, Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, and CRM-Sales.

Functional experts at your service

With our ERP teams at hand in Europe and the Middle East, we can act as project manager for your project, and recommend the software solution best suited to your needs. Our teams of functional experts will look at the context of your project and suggest proven methodologies (multi-country deal, project mode, action/training…) that mainly use standard operational procedures. When specificities need to be integrated, our Engineering and R&D teams will adapt the solution to your particular challenges.

We offer to:

  • Supervise your project lead times and budget
  • Understand your business and processes
  • Share a vision
  • Transfer skills to give your project team full ownership of the solution
  • Implement a secure process for receipt of the solution
  • Organise post-rollout continuity

Our partners and distinctions

As the leading Sage Enterprise Management solution integrator in France and on the African continent, we have a dedicated skill centre with more than 160 people. Our R&D team, TMA/support centre and nearshore centre dedicated to Sage enable us to assist mid-cap companies with their ERP integration.

With 60 employees dedicated to Microsoft’s ERP, in addition to the 500 people working on the publisher’s technologies, we have established a longstanding partnership with Microsoft. We are already the leading partner for the Public Sector. Thanks to the business expertise of our teams and an industrial partnership with Microsoft, we integrate all public accounting and budgetary instructions via DGi-SSP, and handle all processes within a comprehensive, coherent and integrated solution. We also assist private mid-cap companies in their ERP integration programmes.

We have chosen Report One’s MyReport solution to enhance our Business Intelligence offer. Already rolled out in numerous structures with fast ROI, the solution is supported by Gfi Informatique in the same way as other applications.


Relying on our dedicated ERP development team, we have designed several vertical modules that can be added to the standard solutions offered by Sage and Microsoft. The “Project & Job Costing” module that is built into Sage ERP X3 can manage the activities of service companies in any field (Engineers, Consultants, SSII, Architects, Technical Asset Maintenance) and is covered by a certification programme developed by our teams.

90% certified consultants operating in several countries

With more than 200 people devoted to ERP integration in mid-cap companies, we have a leadership position with qualities that make us unique:

  • Over 90% of our consultants are certified by the publishers
  • A TMA/support centre dedicated to operational maintenance for our ERP customers
  • A dedicated R&D centre to develop add-ons that comply with solution standards
  • An offshore centre
  • Presence in several countries.

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