Technological innovation is central to the transformation of our clients’ business lines and activities. Our clients are constantly adapting to meet requirements that are becoming more and more numerous, complex, and rapid.

Placing innovation at the heart of processes

Faced with this acceleration, Gfi’s ambition is to form durable partnerships with our clients. Working together, we can invent solutions that take full advantage of emerging technologies while optimising costs and securing infrastructure. Our chief goal is to support the business by simplifying and shortening development and innovation cycles. 

Putting our experience to work for our clients

As a complement to our traditional architecture and expert consulting services, we offer concepts based on our experience, research, and feedback from our clients.  And into the bargain, our clients get operational benefits plus exceptionally large cost reductions.

Building a partnership to go the distance

Our team of 35 experts and architects forms a dedicated unit (CIE) that works upfront on projects and conducts R&D activities to invent products that don’t yet exist on the market. Together with our production branch and our role as a software publisher in our own right, Gfi has all the elements needed to build industrialised, long-term solutions.

Service components

  • SPIM (Secure Privilege Identity Management): we reduce the risks associated with granting access to information systems and the materialisation of security policies linked to access management.
  • MAXIM (MAXimus Inventory): we create a usage inventory that enables you to reduce the costs associated with operating your information system (licenses, storage, exploitation)
  • SLA PEOPLE MAP: we map out your teams’ skill and knowledge requirements in order to identify avenues of progress and improve the quality and profitability of your services.

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