The customer experience has become key to winning the sales war. A good client relationship, from the initial sale to the termination of the contract, is a real competitive advantage in the telecom sector. How is this realised? Not just by creating tools such as internet sites and mobile applications, but by making changes in agreements with service resellers and the operation of brick-and-mortar stores.

The same 360-degree view on every channel

You need an information system capable of fully managing all the channels to which each subscriber has access.  In addition, you must be able to see the client’s version of the product catalogue, access the same information available to the client, and experience the same interactions as the client, not just those of your personnel.

A 360-degree view allows you to know all the interactions that take place between a client and the operator. But this view must do more than just list the aforementioned interactions. It must also provide information on the user experience: the quality of telephone communications, the quality of downloads, etc.

Uniting consulting and technical expertise

Our extensive experience with a wide range of business processes makes us a creative force.  We don’t just advise telecom operators; we can set up the required changes in existing processes or the proposed solution.

Our teams’ experience in integrating solutions and Customer Care & Billing enables us to ensure full integration with the operator’s other information systems.

20 years of experience in the sector

With 20 years of experience in the IT and telecom sectors, our comprehensive knowledge of business processes allows us to take on a wide variety of projects in the domain of customer relationship management. We can take on all your challenges.

Download our Customer Relationship Management offer and discover its range of functionalities.

A service that adapts to client specifics

Gfi’s service is built using market solutions. For example, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is verticalised in order to meet the needs of telecom operators. The same applies to 360-degree solutions like Exalead One Call.

We also work with other products published by third parties or our partners, according to the specific expectations of our clients or constraints described in the specifications of the solution, as defined by the operator.


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