Gfi Informatique was selected by CNES (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales, the French government space agency) as its partner of choice. For four to six years, France’s leading digital services company will carry out the comprehensive management and transformation of this agency’s IT infrastructures and applications, covering user services, maintenance, supervision, operation, and the integration of new services for production.

The CNES Information Systems Division launched an ambitious blueprint for its information system with numerous projects: information management, working environment, business data management, IT and network infrastructures, risk control and IS monitoring. The challenges are to:

  • Place users at the heart of IS services and providing them with added value;
  • Set up a proactive, flexible, secure, outsourced, service-oriented industrial information management system based on market standards;
  • Control related costs in order to ensure predictability and transparency in the valuation of different services.

“We wanted a partner that could support our transformation and help us to enter a new stage in our development. Gfi demonstrated strong industrial capabilities for the production of secure services, while also understanding and offering solutions for our transformation challenges,” said Geneviève Campan, Director of Information Systems at CNES.

Today, more than 140 people are managing CNES’ IT production across Gfi’s sites in Toulouse, Nantes and Paris.

A comprehensive service-based commitment

Drawing on a thorough understanding of the CNES ecosystem and its challenges, we were able to meet all the client’s specifications. In addition, we set ourselves apart from the competition through four major requirements:

  • Strong, shared and business-oriented governance: we offered a unique, transparent, services-based governance structure;
  • An industrial offer: we proposed an offer targeting the optimisation of processes and related costs, relying in particular on the French service centres in secure sites;
  • An agile offer: the ability to adapt and change continuously throughout the duration of the contract was crucial;
  • A secure social transition: thanks to its strong local presence and growth dynamic, Gfi Informatique was well-positioned to guarantee jobs in the Toulouse region, which was especially important to CNES.

Throughout the selection process, we strived to listen to and understand our client, which had already reached a high level of maturity and wanted to review its methods. The aim was not to abandon existing solutions, but to demonstrate a capacity to transform and optimise models, while meeting all safety requirements.