A company’s staff are just as much a key factor in the success of a digital transformation program as the performance of the new tools and information systems that are being implemented. It is therefore essential to commit to a strategy of long-term support of staff members.

At Gfi, our objective is to assist our clients in the success of IT’s necessary transformation within the framework of a company’s digital transformation. In this context, a key element is to accompany IT staff the managers of the transformation project, and to help them understand the necessity of these changes, their impact, their interest, and in this way earn their support and their commitment to the success of the project.

Our assistance includes the following services:

  • Digital acculturation: design, implementation and follow up of digital acculturation for staff members (management, specific teams) with a team of communicators, journalists, industry and technical experts to identify key subjects, to prepare them, to integrate the necessary benchmark elements, a posteriori analyses, for a concrete and direct benefit.

    Examples: thematic study trips to meet start-ups and major web players, organisation of seminars and workshops dedicated to everything digital, including the ad hoc use of digital technologies…, design and implementation of Reverse Mentoring programmes, design and development of MOOCs, …
  • Innovation: Implementation of a lasting, efficient system of participative innovation

    Examples: Design and implementation of new work methods; implementation of drivers and deployment of Agile methods, DevOps and ITIL processes.
  • Implementation of new work models

    Example: design of new career paths, and facilitating the use of new digital tools; design and implementation of collaborative platforms to facilitate professional exchanges, interact with colleague’s current projects, take full advantage of news feeds; design and development of a webzine to explain team news, inform internal partners, promote successes, explain difficulties; carry out experiments (1 day to 1 week) on specific subjects (redesign of a customer route in the agency, in a smaller team, in a dedicated environment (FalLab Gfi) in cooperation with start-ups.

Proven expertise in communication and change management

In order to provide suitable responses to the challenges of the IT function’s transformation, Gfi combines its technical expertise and its know-how in communication to offer its customers targeted, comprehensive and therefore more efficient services.