In coming to work for Gfi, you will be joining a high-growth group that is at the heart of digital transformation and digital economy challenges, with very great ambitions for the future.

Gfi is one of the most high-performing IT service groups in France and southern Europe, and sets itself apart on the market by offering high value and key assets to its clients. A hybrid approach that combines a service company and software editor approach, which gives us an in-depth knowledge of our clients business, and places us in a position to offer solutions. Partnerships with start-ups, clients and market leaders. E.g. the Company Hub corporate portal, developed with Nokiaand Microsoft; the Cloud offer with OBS; Outsourcing and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) with ThalesBusiness Solutions; Testing and Business Intelligence with Cognitis. Anindustrial organisation based on local service centres that guarantee our clients economies of scale on their operations. A number of expert centres(open source, mobility, EDI). Skills hubs with high added value (HRIS, ERP, e-business, BPM/BI). Technological investments and targeted and ongoing strategic acquisitions.