Projects are rooted in the organisation of companies in all sectors and business lines. They have become the driver of transformation and success in a company. Amidst growing global competition and the striving for BFC (Better, Cheaper and Faster) through accelerated technological and organisational changes, companies need efficient tools and organisational structures in order to manage their programmes and thereby improve their efficiency, agility and profitability.

Strengthen your programme management processes and associated resources to address your company’s challenges

Our Business Transformation division has extensive experience in the management of complex, critical, multicultural programmes. We accompany our clients in the optimisation of their programme management processes (setting up office and schedule management…) and the implementation of tools to support them.


Steer you programme portfolio towards higher performance

To optimise all of their programmes (current or future), organisations need to juggle between schedules, resources, and strategic budgets and interests with an overall view of their programme portfolio. Business Transformation has the expertise to help your organisation implement a portfolio management system to optimise the use of your resources and give you a better visibility of risks and opportunities, and have control over your programmes in terms of quality, cost and lead times.

A professional approach

By professionalising your programme and portfolio management, you can align your strategic, tactical and operational schedules. In addition, you will give your employees a clear strategy to improve their understanding of and therefore adherence to your goals. Internal acculturation is a very important step in the successful implementation of customised processes.

Our programme and project-portfolio management offers

Organisation and governance

  • Setting up a project office
  • Introducing formal governance in programme and portfolio management

Methods and processes

  • Cost, lead-time and quality control
  • Risk and opportunity management
  • Coaching and support for key programme-management stakeholders
  • Training stakeholders in the solution


  • Obsolescence management
  • Framing the needs and specifying the scope to be covered
  • Selection and implementation of new tools

Key figures:

  • 18 years of experience
  • 5% of Gfi’s turnover
  • 320 ISTQB certified employees

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