BIM (Building Information Modelling) and more generally BLM (Building Lifecycle Management) are bringing a major transformation in the building and real-estate sector. The digital revolution that is underway is upending the way large public and private infrastructure building programmes are managed, but also the overall lifecycle of such programmes. While BIM concerns the early phase of construction, BLM brings added value to the later stages, in other words the building’s operation. At the same time, they help to optimise the cost of works.

Change management support

Digital infrastructure, information interoperability and inter-professional cooperation are the keystones of this revolution. But to bring it all about, corporate building owners and real-estate operators need support in undertaking this in-depth transformation. How can they adapt their project management? Which platform should they choose? What organisational model is best? How can they capitalise on this digital information to optimise the operation of their buildings?

Combining skills

With BIM, you will benefit from our dual expertise in real estate and PLM, adapted to the specificities of the building sector, to help you draw up a digital model of your building.

At the same time, relying on our experience in the steering of large transformation programmes, you will be able to conduct a digital revolution in your own company and increase its competitiveness. With our participation in the French countrywide MINnD (Modélisation des INformations INteropérables pour les INfrastructures Durables) programme, you will be able to benefit from our enhanced knowledge and unique experience of the sector.

19 years’ experience in PLM system consulting and integration

Gfi was one of the first digital service providers to deploy the benefits of PLM in the building sector with SEDIF (Syndicat des eaux d’Ile de France) for VEOLIA in 2007. Our innovative consulting approach uses a tool-based method to guarantee end-to-end business efficiency in the future system. Our partnership with the main providers in the market allows us to bring you the solution that is most suited to your needs.


  • Providing a single, shared technical data repository during the three main phases of a building’s lifecycle: design, building and operation
  • Offering project teams collaborative functions within the company and with outside partners
  • Favouring the reuse of standard components when designing a building
  • Improving impact analyses if a building needs to be modified during or after its construction
  • Facilitating future dismantling operations by providing a complete, multidisciplinary 3D model

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