Digital application projects tend to have to increased estimated work loads and longer time-frames (multiple user experiences, security, multiple devices, …).

That is why having an overall vision of software development secures the externalisation and/or sub-contracting of developments (near- and off-shore) and makes versioning your information system more reliable. That’s reassuring when you consider that 2/3 software faults are caused before IT has even written a single line of code: 56% during the specification phase (requirements and analysis), and 27% in the design phase.

Guaranteeing the quality of your business processes and your information systems, in the context of ever increasing software complexity, but also limiting the impact of bugs during the production phase, are major challenges.

Optimising the efficiency of the process of estimating the scope of your information system can therefore contribute to reducing your production and maintenance costs, and is a real lever rather than a brake in our clients’ time-to-market strategies.

My Testing: a complete modular offer

Is your testing process efficient? Can we handle your testing? How can you get the best bang for your buck in terms of reactivity? How can you handle all of the challenges of managing your testing environment? These are all essential questions for IT managers.

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