Omni-channel has become a strategic challenge for distance selling players. It meets the requirements of increasingly connected clients seeking seamless relationships. As such, it makes sense to outsource the operation and transformation of omni-channel solutions to an expert like Gfi, following the example of a clothing retail group.



In 2015, a clothing retail group decided to outsource the management of its omni-channel solution as part of its shareholder’s strategic plan. The idea was to find a partner able to promote its e-commerce assets and operate the service for the Group’s 21 brands and subsidiaries. Overall, the project involved 5 000 employees, 3 500 e-retailer clients using their services, and 20 million Group clients across 20 countries. Gfi was selected for its successful track record as a comprehensive e-business operator. Gfi has offered solutions that proved to be true accelerators for distance selling players, the consumer goods industry and the retail sector, in particular through agile outsourcing contracts.

Outsourcing and acceleration of omni-channel transformation

The challenge is considerable: it involves taking over 270 FTE employees, including 100 hires for the Group’s e-commerce IS and organisation divisions! Gfi’s outsourcing also includes a cross-channel processes and solutions offer for e-commerce, e-marketing, e-logistics and e-merchandising. Ultimately, it provides a product data hub, dynamic pricing, enhanced offers, and CRM (with the support of customer contact centres on orders, delivery, billing, financial management, etc.) that will eventually be set up to ensure the Group’s omni-channel transformation.

Sustainable solutions and 30% cost-reduction

Gfi undertook to ensure the sustainability of the e-commerce solutions and a 30% reduction in IT costs over 3 years on average for the various subsidiaries. To that end, Gfi provided consulting and integration services, as well as SaaS and BPO solutions to the distribution businesses and all sectors involved in the digital transformation. Ultimately, the Group’s hosting capacity was acquired and will expand Gfi’s IT production resources, thereby strengthening the Group’s positive growth momentum on the cloud-based IT outsourcing market.

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