Over the last few years, this postal services operator has been working towards the extensive transformation of its legacy activities, and of the means to achieve such an overhaul. It opted for Gfi’s comprehensive e-commerce solution, Hybris, as a unified solution to facilitate its e-commerce customer relationship



To date, the client’s Mail services were provided online via twelve separate e-commerce platforms, with no synergy between them. A unified solution was necessary to facilitate the e-commerce customer relationship, while also bringing about the digital transformation of the Mail branch. Thanks to Gfi’s Hybris solution, Internet users are able to visit a single site presenting all of its Mail offers. The effects are immediate: the customer journey has been unified and streamlined, thereby enhancing business efficiency.

Hybris: a comprehensive solution

Hybris is a comprehensive solution to manage access points and support the development of e-commerce projects. It provides upselling and cross-selling features which gradually increase the site’s traffic and revenue generation. In addition, the interconnection of the various original platforms through an SOA bus led to drastically reduced lead times for uploading the new site and made it possible to use the existing platforms. The project was also developed using agile methods, preventing a tunnel effect.

Scalable architecture

Integrating middleware based on the Oracle SOA (service-oriented architecture) product, Gfi’s solution offers scalable architecture in line with our client’s new business requirements, in particular in terms of building and promoting new product and service offers. The scalability of the architecture means the eBusiness IS can easily evolve to meet any new requirements.

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