The smartphone has established itself in our daily lives, allowing us to stay informed, communicate and consume services. Half of all French people now use a mobile phone. And citizens expect the same level of service from local authorities such as towns, urban areas, departments and regions. They want to be informed in real time, contact their elected representatives, play an active role in their city by flagging an infrastructure issue and give their feedback on a project or the quality of the services they receive. The authorities are on board with digital and already offer online administrative services.

Civic mobility: step one towards the Smart City

But we need to take this further and consider the citizen as a real customer. This means we must rise to the new challenge of integrating these new mobile uses while improving the quality of civic services within a tight budget.

City Hub: the real-time portal for civic life

In response to these changes and challenges, Gfi has devised City Hub, a mobile hub for civic life. Offering City Hub to your citizens means offering a catalogue of e-services and allowing them to stay abreast of community news in real time, get weather or transport alerts, contact their elected representatives, view the event calendar, flag an incident, give feedback on a new project and evaluate the quality of a service.

A mobile platform for optimum civil service quality

These services are available on the three mobile platforms: Windows, Android and iOS. The proposed services are tailored to the type of user, i.e. tourist, employee in a community company or resident.

The City Hub mobile platform comprises a mobile app for users, a service store for your community that you put together yourself from the extensive catalogue of Gfi services; and a back office platform for managing security and integration with your information system.

  • Benefits for the user:
  • Getting information in real time
  • Contacting their elected representatives
  • Consulting the a list of clubs and associations
  • Flagging up an infrastructure issue
  • Viewing statistics for their town
  • Receiving practical information and reading news filtered to their interests

Download the City Hub offer and discover all of its features (document in French)

Linking participants in civic life

City Hub gives users access to the full range of community services through a single mobile app: * Any time

  • Anywhere
  • In online or offline mode

A new 'civic experience'

With City Hub, the user can begin a process on their mobile phone, continue on their computer, then track the progress of their request, receive a notification when the request has been dealt with and score the quality of the service at the end.

Community agents can track the progress of each request, be alerted if there is a processing delay and proceed from there. They can effectively help users by telephone or e-mail, or at the counter.

City Hub strengths:

  • Developed natively for the main OSs on the market
  • Offline mode
  • Cloud or on-premises deployment
  • A high level of security (including MDM)
  • Multilingual solution
  • Connection with most business applications
  • Integration with your information system
  • Customisable interface in the colour of your community and in line with the profiles and preferences of your users

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