We were contacted by a unique public service facility which welcomes, informs, guides and supports people with disabilities and their loved ones. We decided to help the client create a paperless environment for documents and procedures via the IODAS tool.

A market-leading solution

IODAS is an upgradeable tool that can be adapted in line with the specific organisation of each public service. The IODAS software package facilitates the entire dematerialisation process – digitisation, classification, and filing; mail management and mass processing management; and more. This software offers clients an extranet portal enabling organisations to check the administrative data of the people concerned, and to manage the registration, reception, guidance and development of the service’s users. This technology simplifies administrative tasks and makes it easy to distribute information. It improves the daily lives of everyone involved.

We have now integrated IODAS, facilitating the management of 5.2 million cases every year. IODAS has emerged as a vital tool to meet the requirements of both the most vulnerable people in society, and the public services which support them.

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