Centralising all customer interactions and contact points in a single tool based on the same system was essential to provide a consistent, contextualised, and profitable customer relationship and positive customer experience.

Processing 50 million exchanges every year with 30 million customers, this electricity supplier was in a race against time to better serve its customers. Previously, however, each customer segment had its own solution based on different technologies, resulting in multiple developments for each new requirement. In addition, customer support no longer met customers’ new expectations, and didn’t take advantage of the development of new communication channels (Internet, email, sms/mms, chat, etc.). The increasingly complex customer journey and the need to provide a consistent, seamless customer relationship triggered the implementation of a customer relationship transformation plan.

A scalable, tailored tool for 10 000 customer service representatives

A high-quality and professional greeting, listening to the customer, effectively processing the customer’s request, suggesting relevant offers and services, managing financial aspects related to the customer’s contract, and more. All these tasks are performed daily by nearly 10 000 customer service representatives. The transformation plan was launched to equip the business lines with a scalable tool tailored to a multi-channel contact process, able to modernise the call centre platforms. The tool takes advantage of new ToIP technologies and software packages on the market to offer greater flexibility, responsiveness and multi-channel integration.

Support throughout all phases of the project

Gfi set up the new call centre platform and was responsible for the software development, integration with the telephone operator, and the maintenance of all services. Drawing on its vast experience with major players in the industry, and backed by partnerships with suppliers of leading solutions on the market (Genesys, Akio, SAP CRM, Siebel, etc.), Gfi supported its client throughout all phases of the project:

  • Business diagnosis, supervision of objectives and requirements, technology consulting, drafting of specifications, and assistance with the choice of tools;
  • Building solutions based on technology monitoring, creating the POC, industrialising and maintaining solutions relating to ten fields;
  • Maintenance and development;
  • Hosting, maintenance and support, in particular to ensure links with the digital customer relationship platform and to introduce new cross-channel features.

The new solution was operational in early 2014, with high satisfaction levels among customer service representatives, and good customer service to boot. Since then, Gfi has ensured the solution’s operational maintenance via its Toulouse Services Centre.

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