The IT department of the Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB) arm of a banking client is responsible for delivering IT services and solutions essential to the corporate and investment banking business.

Made up of more than 6 000 professionals, this team produces IT solutions and services, and provides a stable production service (IT infrastructure and applications), while ensuring regulatory compliance and fostering operational efficiency.

Managing more than 1 000 applications, the business line aims to provide impeccable customer service by offering support services and the continuous delivery of applications.

New features and high quality

At a time of digital transformation and with an increased need for transparency as required by the regulator, the challenge was to reduce the interval between the client’s statement of requirement and the production of new features IT softwares ?

In order to improve time-to-market and satisfy business requirements, the client decided to introduce a new continuous delivery process. This process makes it possible to produce new features more quickly and regularly, while guaranteeing a high level of quality across all stages of the delivery chain.

Change management

Gfi is represented by Addstones (a subsidiary specialised in corporate and investment banking, asset management and investor services) across all stages of the continuous delivery process, which enables us to support the client with this new approach.

Our aim was to perform an inventory to accurately determine the level of expertise required by the project managers, based on their respective duties, whether related to development, tests or production support and implementation. Following that, we worked alongside the client in implementing various systems with a view to training our employees on every tool in the delivery chain.

Workshops and training sessions on the main components of the chain – such as Git, Jenkins, Puppet and XLDeploye – have been organised to foster employees’ skills development.

Practice leaders

Thanks to our long-standing relationship with the client, we have been able to position ourselves as a partner of choice. Indeed, we operate in all stages of the continuous delivery chain with several ATGs in teams conducting development, test (QA) and support (implementation/production) work.

Moreover, the implementation of “practice leader” type internal support systems, technical workshops, task forces and continuous training has enabled us to meet market challenges with a faster time-to-market and a proactive positioning with respect to the development of the major Internet players and Fintechs in the financial markets. In addition, our team’s interpersonal skills – coupled with their ability to adapt quickly – have enabled us to transform and position ourselves as a strategic partner.

Several product chains have already become part of the continuous delivery process, and the business feedback is very positive.

Many advantages

Continuous delivery has shown multiple advantages:

  • Better-quality applications thanks to controls performed at all levels: code (development), tests (approval) and delivery (implementation/production),
  • Increased client satisfaction thanks to the faster production of new features as requested by the client,
  • Enhanced collaboration between the teams, in particular between IT Operations and Development teams,
  • Maximum automation: manual operations prone to errors are reduced thanks to the use of automation tools.

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