Simplify your Information Systems (IS) management, reduce your maintenance and evolution costs (Run), reassign your internal teams and your budget to innovative projects (Build), manage peaks of activity, reclaim your role as an industry expert to accompany your business lines in their digital transformation, these are some of the benefits of our industrialisation offer.

Skills, method, logistics and proximity: our key added values

We offer our clients a high-performance, well-adapted and competitive response, thanks to:

Our skill-set: within our network of Service Centres (SC), almost 2 000 experts offer a guarantee of availability, reactivity and adaptability. You benefit from a team of specialists dedicated to your projects, who adapt to peaks of activity, allowing you to optimise your budget. This allows your collaborators to dedicate themselves to your projects.

Our technological skills: we have developed 6 centres dedicated to different specialities – New Technologies (NTIC), Business Intelligence and ERP Integration (management software suites), Mainframe, Tests and certifications (testing), Digital and Outsourcing, Infrastructure Services. These comprehensive offers allow us to address all the clients’ problems and contribute to forward planning and innovation within wider scopes of intervention.

A recognised and tested methodology: certified ISO 9001, ISO 20000, ISO 27001, our SC use a common methodology, guaranteeing the coherence and quality of the services we offer our clients.

Our proximity: our onshore Service Centres (Lille, Nantes, Paris, Toulouse, Lyon) work closely with you to ensure maximum responsiveness and to simplify the exchanges with your staff. As our collaboration progresses, we can also evolve towards nearshore production sites (Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Poland) or even offshore (India) to further optimise your production costs.

A progressive evolutionary path: from the in situ skill centres to offshore services, so that your teams accept the change and actively participate in it, whatever the nature of the work concerned:

development, maintenance and approval of new software applications,

supervision of production infrastructures, packaging and ratification,

design and functional ratification in project ownership.

A turnkey offer

We are both the publisher and integrator of several software suites dedicated to the insurance and asset management industries. We offer a turnkey solution that is immediately available to replace or complement your internal applications (in-house):

CLEVA: the only complete solution (Front & Back-Office) for all sectors of life insurance, damage insurance, health and provident schemes.

BDoc Suite:  a modular and evolutionary solution for the design, personalisation, multi support publication and archiving of documents,

Cogit Suite: a modular and evolutionary solution for asset management and wealth management for insurers.

kdprevent: a state-of-the-art software for Anti Money Laundering and fraud detection.

Gfi, from experience to expertise

With 40 years of experience in Banking and Insurance, Gfi has earned its legitimacy and recognition in the sector: 170 000 working days in 2015 for the largest names in banking and insurance, in service centres, testing, technological migration, development and application maintenance, data base management and supervision of infrastructure.

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