More mobility, more speed, more autonomy in their actions… The expectations and needs of consumers are changing. The widespread adoption of new technologies creates new uses that are profoundly transforming customer relations. As the customers are better informed and better equipped, they are becoming increasingly demanding and expect innovative services from their bank and their insurance company that are in line with their new consumer habits. The digital environment is everywhere and employees have the same new expectations: to bring the tools and uses they have in their private life into the workplace.

We accompany our banking and insurance customers in a responsive and proactive way to respond to their new market challenges, to transform challenges into new opportunities. Our digital modernisation offer also aims to develop and improve the use of websites and mobile applications in order to boost competitiveness and to provide functional, innovative and differentiating responses, in order to remain relevant in an increasingly competitive environment. It also aims to optimise your internal procedures and organisation, to offer you new, more agile practices in order to respond faster to the needs of your customers and staff.

Our expertise and our innovative approach at the centre of your competitiveness

We accompany you during each stage of your digital modernisation, from the design to the development of new high added value solutions.

Research and development

We are constantly experimenting to rapidly identify, test and implement different and appropriate solutions.

Our advantage: our Fab Lab, housed in a major Parisian incubator, involves our staff members, our partners and our customers who are interested in our collaborative innovation approach for developing operational solutions, benefitting from the latest technical advances regarding innovative technologies and uses.

Design of new customer routes (Customer centric)

We are exploring new ways to encourage the consumer’s interaction with their bank or insurance company, in order to offer services, content and functionalities that are in line with their current needs. We are streamlining the customer journey by facilitating the transitions between internet, mobile, telephone, the branches, and the call centres. The transitions have to be natural, and the journey simple, relevant and efficient.

Our advantages: a team of industry and customer experience experts (UX).

Development and accelerated ratification of mobile solutions

We design, develop, test and implement digital solutions to facilitate contact from any device (mobile, tablet, connected object), anywhere, any time. @tawad : Any Time, AnyWhere, Any Device.

Objectives: to enable your customers to carry out a set of actions autonomously on the products and services for which they have subscribed, and to propose customised offers, while reducing your Back Office costs.

Our skills: digital technology experts, permanent surveillance to anticipate future uses, the use of agile methods to develop high quality digital support and performance, in a reduced time frame.

Securing the solutions

We secure the consumers’ mobile access and data in the cloud.

Implementing change: the key element of the success of your digital modernisation

Large projects for transforming the Information System are often accompanied by considerable internal transformations: new work methods (agile, teleworking…), new organisational methods, new work environments… It is important to accompany these changes with targeted communications to encourage membership and digital acculturation.

Our skills: our digital communication agency accompanies the change management through various media – print and web, videos, motion graphics, e-learning modules, Digital Days…

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