Mobility at the heart of your company

Your employees are nomads! According to Gartner, mobile workers already represent 40% of your workforce and they alone justify your company’s shift towards Digital Working.

Mobility at the heart of your company

After a necessary maturing and test period, companies that wanted to stay agile became aware that they had to handle very heterogeneous systems: different screen sizes, operating systems and devices belonging to the employees themselves (known as BYOD) or that they use for private purposes (COPE). The question is: how to control development costs while at the same time enabling access to company data and services? How to make the best use of the many sensors that finally render contextual information possible, and the interfaces that do away with costly user training sessions? How to not sacrifice safety in the name of user experience?

To meet these challenges, Gfi Informatique has designed Company Hub, a mobile corporate platform made up of mobile apps, a virtual store of services dedicated to each organisation, and software enabling the administration of the mobile systems and their integration with your information system.

With Company Hub, you:

  • Increase your employees’ productivity by enabling them to access your company’s applications and data (CRM, ERP, business specific applications, directory etc.), wherever and whenever they want, from a unique mobile application. Unlike a number of other mobile apps, Company Hub takes full account of offline requirements, even for transactions.
  • Improve internal communication by informing employees in real time using mobility tools (RSS feed, push notifications, events on modified or published documents, validation of business workflows, etc.).
  • Reduce the overall cost of mobility thanks to a solution that is natively developed under the main mobile operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows) and that evolves with them, as well as a flexible and scalable solution.
  • Take your business solutions into the field by customising them according to the profile, preferences, authorisations and context (calendar, preferences and location) of your employee – with, of course, a possible connection with most business applications.

Company Hub is rolled out according to a number of technical architecture scripts, depending on whether you would like to host the components.

In its version is dedicated to public services, integrating Gfi’s expertise in terms of citizen relationship management, Company Hub becomes City Hub, the first mobile portal dedicated to citizens. With its own app store, local authorities offer their users a wide range of services enabling them to:

  • Receive city news, school information, warnings etc, in real time.
  • Inform the city council of any issues encountered (graffiti, broken city equipment etc.),
  • Implement participative democracy (grade a service, "like" an initiative, vote for or against a project).

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