Our Customer Communication Management solutions

Our solutions allow you to easily create, customise and harmonise all your client communications, across all media, in real time.

Whether building customer loyalty or acquiring new clients, client relationship management has become strategically important for companies. The challenge is to establish personalised cross-media communication in real time.

Bdoc Suite is the first Customer Communication Management (CCM) offer to place the end user at the heart of client communication management thanks to its light design (Bdoc Web Design) and its interactive production module (Bdoc Interactive).

Ease of use

Loan offers, subscription management, contract and subscription proposals, claims notification and handling, annual reports etc. All these documents can be easily created and customised in real time using intuitive and simple interfaces. These documents can also be submitted for approval in a collaborative and secure workflow system, before being distributed for all media (print, email, mobile, tablet, fax, social networks).

This modular, responsive design solution is easily integrated into business applications. It handles the entire document lifecycle, from editing to archiving, via on-demand and batch production, customisation, and distribution for all media.

List of offers

Gfi-Bdoc Suite