Our SIG / Built environment / Technical services solutions

We offer turnkey solutions to analyse, understand and use the geographical dimension of your data.

Our SIG (geographic information system) offer may be used in a variety of ways, including: building on the analysis of your geographical data to define a local planning policy; optimising public investments by easily displaying the operating data of a water network, demographic trends and amounts of water billed, all on the same map; locating an electrical cabinet with a tablet and displaying its technical specifications before working on public lighting equipment; engineering works scheduling etc.

For 20 years now, we have been developing a range of services for public service operators and technical service and built environment managers. These services cover, for instance, the use of geographical data in CAD production technical environments (Autocad Map*), and Web and Mobile environments. Available on the main SIG platforms (ArcGIS*, Mapguide OpenSource, MapServer, GeoServer), our SIG offers have a broad range of functions from WebMapping to publish and view data online, to the use of high value-added business modules.

A SIG javascript library is also available: it is independent in the management of mapping data, and through its viewer and helpers it facilitates the integration of spatial information in traditional management applications.

The offer for the management of technical services and the built environment is an ERP of property information and activity management, dedicated to local authorities and major property managers. Corporate portals, BIM, IFC and digital mock-ups are some of our main concerns.

All of these application modules enable us to produce modular offers that are suited to the needs of our clients, both in functional and financial terms.

The skill and competence of our employees and consultants guarantee the success of your integration or turnkey projects.

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