Our Time and Activities solutions / Management of Occupational Risks

We make sure you spend less time managing the administrative aspect of your teams to better focus on your operational objectives.

Chronotime is a new application developed by our teams for the management of time entry, activity and scheduling. It benefits from our expertise and know-how accumulated over 30 years with over 1 000 references in GTA. Available in classic and SaaS mode, Gfi Chronotime meets the challenges of organisations of all sizes and sectors, whether it be a question of calculating payroll or optimising total payroll.

Its many scheduling modules for shifts, staff leasing and staff replacement enable managers to significantly reduce the time spent on administration and focus on operational objectives. A decision support tool rounds off the solution, with monitoring of the most relevant indicators.

Ease of implementation and ease of use

Gfi Chronotime is simple and intuitive, in line with new usages. It is accessible from tablets and smartphones, and offers a range of innovative features: users particularly appreciate the dynamic synchronisation of shared calendars and the flexibility of the scheduling tool. Gfi Chronotime is both simple to use and easy to put in place, with vertical customisation by sector to optimise its roll-out.

Gfi Trust to prevent Occupational Risks

Trust ECR rounds out our Gfi offer. It is specially designed to facilitate compliance of HR departments with regulations, offering the editing and printing of the Master Risk Assessment form (“Document Unique” in French) and monitoring of the action plan to prevent occupational risks.

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