Our Insurance and Finance solutions

We offer high-performance, flexible, customisable and innovative solutions to support your corporate transformation.

Faced with more regulations, demographic and economic changes, increased competition, new consumer habits, new usages, and technological innovations, the insurance sector is undergoing deep change.

We work side by side with you to transform your business by bringing you high-performance, flexible, customisable and innovative offers.

Our solutions are dedicated to traditional insurers and mutual life insurance companies, as well as pension institutions and insurance brokers, distributors, bankers, management companies. They aim to improve:

  • The performance of insurance management: multi-channel single platform, customisable workflows, product workshops, fraud detection, traceability, integrity, data quality etc.
  • The safety and regulatory compliance of Front, Middle and Back Office solutions to meet the requirements of the ACPR (Independent administrative authority responsible for supervising the banking and insurance sectors in France), EIOPA etc.
  • Flexibility, based on various models such as SaaS, PaaS, IaaS,
  • Innovation through differentiating services for personal assistance and risk prevention…

These offers are suited to the following sectors:

  • All insurance sectors (personal insurance, P&C, Accident and Health Insurance, Savings) throughout the value chain (Clients, Partners, Distributors, Managers, Third parties)
  • The complex management of distributors, agreements, their remuneration, asset management promoters and distributors,
  • Banks and companies with new digital payment means.

Our crosscutting solutions