Our solutions for the Distribution and Transport sector

We offer SMEs and large companies a comprehensive range of efficient transport solutions.

We offer SMEs and large companies operating in the retail sector a comprehensive range of efficient transport solutions, providing a complete answer to their needs.

Our range of “Retail & Transport” software comprises three types of offer:

As publishers and integrators of business solutions, our MINOS ERP solution is dedicated to retailers and manufacturers who supply retailers. Our business experts have specialist know-how and knowledge in the vertical management of retail sector companies’ activity.

Planipe, a supply and stock optimisation system, turns product shortages into a distant memory. It also helps keep stock levels to a minimum and to estimate product needs item by item by taking into account past and future events.

Optidock is a collaborative portal for the management of vehicle flows, enabling the organisation of pick-up times between transporters and suppliers while taking docking bay capacity into account. Using Optidock saves time and reduces costs by optimising vehicle flow at logistic sites.

Our expertise in the service of your satisfaction

We are recognised as a business expert in the food industry, hardware, tooling, gardening, home equipment, health and hygiene sectors, and many more besides.

We employ over 110 people who are dedicated to retail and the sector’s specific issues. Recognised as a “hyper specialist” in the field, we set ourselves apart by our in-depth knowledge of the retail business. By combining our strengths and our skills, our portfolio of abilities is wide-ranging and our capacity to respond to your needs is extensive and fully oriented to client satisfaction.

Over 500 active sites use our business solutions

By equipping both SMEs and multinationals from a variety of activity sectors such as food, health and hygiene, hardware, tooling, gardening, and home equipment, we are now present in a number of countries in Europe, the Americas and Asia, and work with our clients abroad.

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