Our solutions for the Healthcare and Social welfare sectors

We are on-hand to help you improve support to those most in need, and facilitate patient management throughout their care.

Our Healthcare/Social welfare department covers all social-related fields and handles various components of the medical sector. Every day, over 40 000 people create and fill out the 6 million files processed annually by the Healthcare and Social welfare sector web architecture.

In the service of social welfare and healthcare

Our Iodas, Délos and Horus solutions take into account the needs of the sector and its specifics. They cover the entire social welfare field, including youth welfare, child minder’s professional certifications, income support, assistance to the elderly and the disabled, local homes for disabled persons, housing and youth solidarity funds, pricing, and management of mother and child protection services (pregnancy declarations, health certificates, health check-ups at pre-school level, mother and child health monitoring programme, family planning and family education centres).

Our software is connected to decision-making centres and User or Establishment portals. It also relies on mobile tools to assess the elderly and disabled or for home visits by midwives and paediatric nurses.

All these tools are connected to a central electronic document management system.

To date, 83 French departments use at least one of our solutions.

We provide application bricks

We work with regional health authorities, and in particular on the creation of regional hospital groups in France, and in the overhaul of information systems. We aim to be architects and builders, i.e. create the bricks which will allow us to redesign and rebuild information systems.

With Actipidos, which creates telemedicine-compatible patient files, we work with the doctor and the patient throughout the care cycle within the regional hospital grouping (emergency services, consultation, hospitalisation), and other regional healthcare providers. To date, over 17 000 beds use our Actipidos patient file.

Gfi-eDataBiotec® meets census, identification, follow-up, storage and research needs of Biological Resource Centres and other structures that need to store human, animal or plant samples.

Gfi eTrialManager® is dedicated to the administrative, scientific, regulatory, and financial management of clinical trials. It is suited everyone involved in managing clinical trials, from pharmaceutical labs through to hospitals, clinical investigation centres, associations etc. 4 000 professionals throughout the world use it on a daily basis.

Lastly, Easydore® is a software that meets the specific needs of maining clinical research. It manages all research funding and research staff; It also deals with the administrative, regulatory and project management aspects of all its clinical trials and reasearch programs.

Our crosscutting solutions