We accompany your digital transformation projects, while sustaining business performance and reinforcing the efficiency of your organisations. 

As a, multi-sector software editor, we offer a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of four main sectors: the public sector; transport & distribution; health & social services; and insurance & finance. 

Our mission is to sustain the business performance of our clients by making it easier to share management information, capitalizing on business intelligence, and guaranteeing compliance. All this is done in a constant spirit of innovation. Our products are sold well beyond our borders, notably in Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Morocco, and Africa. Today we have more than 3000 satisfied clients, who have been benefiting from our business expertise for more than 30 years

Concrete solutions

The principal concerns of our clients are digital transformation, improving quality of service, and optimisation of human & financial resources. We offer an array of concrete solutions to: 

  • Sustain business performance while making it easier to share management information, capitalize on business intelligence, and guarantee compliance. 
  • Reinforce the efficiency of an organisation by optimising and consolidating resources, eliminating tasks without added value, and guiding its growth. All this is done while improving communication, optimising the organisation, and securing its information systems. 

Business expertise and reliable solutions 
Our clients have been benefiting from our business expertise and count on the reliability of our solutions and innovations (dematerialisation, mobility, cloud, ERP, CRM…) to support their transformation projects.

Our dedicated solutions

Our crosscutting solutions