MEDIAPOST increases the visibility of activity at its reception sites with OptiDock and lays the first brick in the digitalization of its logistics activities.

MEDIAPOST is a major player in local communication and the leader in the distribution of printed advertising material in France, with 53 reception sites throughout the country. In order to optimize its logistics processes, this subsidiary of the La Poste group was looking for a way to streamline the scheduling of appointments with the transporters responsible for delivering the documents to be distributed and to harmonize practices across its network.

To achieve this, the postal group's subsidiary identified the need to deploy a common tool for its platforms. It set its sights on Inetum's OptiDock. "The implementation of OptiDock is part of a process of transformation and optimization of our network's logistic processes," explains Edouard Moyaux, who is in charge of the project.

OptiDock gets full support from all logistics, sales and warehouse teams

The project was validated at the beginning of 2019 and the first entries in the tool began in June at five pilot sites. The deployment teams came up against a challenge – using multicodes specific to MEDIAPOST practices. The delivery numbers on the MEDIAPOST customer order forms did not match those of the transporters. “There was a bit of hesitation at the start, but the Inetum teams adjusted and reacted quickly to put a solution in place that enabled us to launch the implementation,” says Edouard Moyaux.

In the wake of the pandemic and the lifting of lockdown on 20 April 2020, MEDIAPOST's management decided to speed things up, given the productivity issues involved in implementing the solution. "My management wanted a roll out to all the network's sites by 4 May 2020," the project manager recalls. Given the urgency of the project, it was decided to deploy an "optimized" version of OptiDock reserved for internal use of the tool by the 53 sites concerned. "Appointments continue to be made by telephone or e-mail, and it is the reception pilot who enters his appointment into the tool and confirms it to the carrier," Edouard Moyaux explains.

The benefits of this strategy are numerous and immediate. Firstly, they are illustrated by the positive feedback from more than 95% of the reception sites and the adoption of the tool by all MEDIAPOST platforms. Because, by integrating the vocabulary specific to the business (week, re-posting, operation number, etc.), "OptiDock speaks to the warehousemen", as the supervisor puts it.

Better monitoring of platform activity

Moreover, the 360° visibility that Inetum's solution provides on the activity of the sites improves monitoring. "Today, when a carrier calls me to tell me that they cannot make an appointment on a particular platform, I check the availability on OptiDock and I call the platform to inform them," Edouard Moyaux explains. At the same time, this visibility makes it possible to better allocate human resources and the organization of production according to the forecasted deliveries.

Finally, the information reported to OptiDock helps to build accurate and factual responses to reduce sources of business conflict. "A customer's transporter said that they could no longer meet delivery deadlines since the tool was implemented and was invoicing her for an additional delivery service. I asked the customer to hold the line, checked OptiDock, and was able to see that the appointments were indeed made by her carrier and not by an additional service provider. This cleared up a problem that had to do with the behaviour her supplier."

The tool also helps to coordinate referenced transporters more efficiently by communicating directly with them by email in one click. For example, to remind them of changes due to bank holidays, or a new delivery address for a site. Previously, communication was done through flyers that were sent to each transporting company, and that often did not even reach the right person in charge of the operation.

100,000 appointments made

After one year of operations and over 100,000 appointments, the project has is entering its second phase. It will be devoted to developing the connection between OptiDock and the distributor’s inhouse tools so that transporters can make their appointments directly. Other adjustments to the settings of user profiles are also in the pipeline.

MEDIAPOST’s needs are considerable,” Edouard Moyaux admits. “It forces Inetum to think about how to offer the right solution and, for my part, it motivates me to think of what we need to upgrade in our system to have something that is more streamlined and consistent.” A virtuous relationship therefore, which will lead OptiDock to become everything MEDIAPOST wants it to be by the end of 2021.