Download the Gfi - Opinionway - BFM Business survey conducted on a sample of 200 industrial executives

With the arrival of Industry 4.0, Gfi set up a mid-cap companies maturity survey on Industry 4.0 in partnership with OpinionWay and BFM Business. Mid-caps are the first to be concerned by the digital transformation of their business. While this development is positively perceived by top executives in the manufacturing industry, only one company in five has already started its transformation.

Moving to Industry 4.0 has become a top priority for many companies, though the benefits are not always fully reaped. This industry of the future is a transformation that addresses their challenges at four major levels: technological, organisational, environmental and societal.

Gfi, a leading European player in value-added IT services and software, is part of this wave and is supporting its industrial clients in their transformation. As a digital transformation player, Gfi launched the first Industry 4.0 survey for mid-cap companies in collaboration with BFM Business and OpinionWay.

Gfi's ability to grasp all the issues involved in Industry 4.0 and to create a strategic plan that encompasses their businesses and environments, combined with the diversity of technologies used, has led the Group to position itself as a key partner for industrial mid-cap companies.


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