Inetum’s civilian safety solution Artemis facilitates emergency-service cooperation between geographic departments

In France, the departmental fire and rescue units (Services Départementaux d’Incendie et de Secours or SDIS) of Moselle (57) and Meurthe-et-Moselle (54) have decided to use European digital leader Inetum’s Artemis solution for the joint and efficient management of their rescue operations. This innovative system allows human and technical interoperability between the two departments and saves valuable time for fire brigades in their day-to-day activities.


Interoperability between two departments’ fire and rescue units – a first in France!

With the aim to strengthen their partnership, Colonel Vallier, head of the Moselle SDIS and Colonel Petitpoisson, head of the Meurthe-et-Moselle SDIS, asked Inetum (formerly Gfi) to link up their systems to allow the joint management of their rescue operations. The new solution is the result of a co-building effort on functional as well as technical aspects by Inetum teams.

This innovative automated system is a vehicle for positive change in the field. Artemis saves valuable time in the activation of emergency responses between the different departments’ fire and rescue units by optimizing the distribution of SDIS 54 and 57 teams during rescue operations. Another significant step forward is that the solution allows the spill-over of calls to a neighbouring rescue unit. Artemis facilitates the centralization of operations to ensure responsiveness and greater efficiency in addressing citizens’ needs for emergency aid and assistance.

The Inetum solution also helps to reduce the cost of IT and building infrastructures, since the interoperability of the two departments’ IT systems means that each can serve as backup for the other.

Pooled technology with potential

The rollout of Artemis enables fire brigades to save vital time – about 5 to 5 minutes per call – and energy. The solution also makes it possible to start up large-scale pooled operations. Eventually, in the near future, it will even be possible to have several SDIS units work together.

According to Martin Hubert, Head of Inetum’s Line Software Global Business Unit, “in this era of post digital transformation where new technologies must adapt to new demands in the interest of the masses, we are very proud to be working with the SDIS teams of these two departments. Our Artemis solution is beneficial to the management of operations. Its purpose is to offer a fast, reliable field response in phase with the operational environment of fire and rescue units. This solution illustrates our intention to enable regional players, in particular rescue services, to make the most of their digital flow.”

Gaël Zimmer, Commander of the 5th Fire and Rescue Brigade of the Moselle SDIS, explains that, “due to their geographical proximity, the Moselle and Meurthe-et-Moselle SDIS units are required to cooperate on a daily basis. The Artemis solution is a real added value that makes us even faster and more efficient in rescue operations by pooling our strengths.”

According to Daniel Warin, Head of the Operations group entity at the Meurthe-et-Moselle SDIS, “this new management mode is going to revolutionize our daily operations. It allows real team work and a better service to citizens with shorter response times that are more in line with their needs. Our backup is provided by a system that remains active around the clock. It can be activated immediately with operators who are trained in handling emergencies.”

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