Industrial cybersecurity: an innovative solution to steer information system safety has sprung from the partnership between Gfi and Cybelius.

In the throes of digital transformation, industry must address the new cybersecurity demands that its players are facing in the absence of sufficient protection to date. To this end, Gfi as a key player in digital services and solutions and an expert in the challenges of Industry 4.0, together with the industrial cybersecurity leader Cybelius, have launched “CyFENCE & SIEM service”. The solution is new on the market and will give IT departments a full view of their activity in order to manage the safety of their installations more effectively.

Industry 4.0 is a new generation of smart factories, robotised and driven by emerging new technologies. But this revolution that is changing the industrial landscape is also paving the way for new risks, especially cyber-attacks. Hackers are now targeting self-operating machines and safety monitors, and posing a risk to production facilities. The consequences are often considerable. Cyber-attacks have recently forced manufacturers to stop production. Last June, the European Union adopted the Cybersecurity Act as an essential measure to reinforce security in the European digital market.

CyFENCE & SIEM service” is an innovative solution aimed first of all at French and European markets, to meet new cybersecurity challenges in industry. According to Gfi Groupe CFO Normann Hodara, “a lot of industrial players are facing the risk of losing control over their production facilities. Understanding this, we entered into a partnership with the industrial cybersecurity expert Cybelius a year ago. By combining our software solutions, integration capacity and expertise in Industry 4.0 projects, we now offer manufacturers a vital and reassuring steering system for their installations.”

As a result of the two French companies’ partnership that started in January 2019, the new solution encompasses the development of a comprehensive IT and OT offer with regard to cybersecurity. “In the past year, we’ve been working with Gfi on the added value delivered with our products. Thanks to our complementary skills, industrial safety can be integrated in established IT practices. Customers can thus benefit from the best of industrial safety and cybersecurity surveillance, with Gfi bringing us their expertise and experience on top of the KeenaÏ base,” Cybelius CEO Frédéric Planchon confirms.

Ease of use – a real gain factor for manufacturers

Relying on a fast implementation system – about 20 days per site – “CyFENCE & SIEM service” offers a dozen security features for manufacturers of any size. “We will rapidly integrate this efficient new cyberanalysis tool at industrial plants to give our customers the capacity to understand and act on the safety of their information systems. For operational IT and cybersecurity managers, the benefits are immediate,” says Dominique Mouillier, Chief Cybersecurity Officer at Gfi Group. The gains are easily perceivable in real time:

  • More visibility on industrial security systems
  • Compliance monitoring (ANSSI repository for France)
  • Secure management of IT-OT exchange and reduced attack surface
  • Performance report by a cyber analyst to improve the cybersecurity posture

Gfi Group and Cybelius are thereby offering a unique blend of expertise to take on new cybersecurity challenges resulting from emerging Industry 4.0 practices.

About Gfi
The Gfi Group, present in more than 22 countries, is a leading provider of value-added IT services and software. Gfi occupies a differentiating strategic position between global firms and niche entities. The Group uses its multi-specialist profile to serve its clients with a unique combination of proximity, sector-based organisation and industrial-quality solutions. With around 20,000 employees, the Gfi Group generated revenue of €1,395 million in 2018.

About Cybelius
Founded by industrial IT and cybersecurity experts, Cybelius safeguards industrial facilities and infrastructures. Cybelius solutions cover the entire cybersecurity process, from assessment to the implementation of safety procedures and real-time surveillance of industrial systems. 
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