To sweep aside the approximations made on the subject, understand AI and assess its progress, Gfi has published the White Paper "AI: CHALLENGES & MORE". At a time when society and organizations faced with many questions about Artificial Intelligence, Gfi wishes to provide some answers to better understand and apprehend this technology in the light of different use cases and from several points of view. It is an opportunity to clarify essential concepts and requirements that will shape the evolution of AI in its future applications.

Artificial Intelligence  /> This white paper provides an overview of topics related to Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is at the heart of the reflection of many organizations, and yet today, it nurtures many misconceptions as to its real translation into everyday uses and certain ethical concerns. "It is up to us, as experts on the subject, to offer some answers to help define the framework for the application of AI and to exploit its true potential for society. We are convinced that these disruptive technologies contribute to transforming the world. We see this as a real opportunity, our desire is to act on a daily basis to make this positive contribution," says Vincent Rouaix, Chairman and CEO of the Gfi Group. 

How is AI taking shape in the activity of organizations today? What developments are being considered? In this publication, Gfi answers these questions by presenting different points of view: "We wanted to get to the heart of the matter by clarifying certain essential concepts, by referring to literature and cinema, and by giving a voice to our experts, clients and partners. To all those who work on AI on a daily basis and are confronted with the extreme volatility of the subject," confirms Jean-François Gaudy, Chief Innovation & Digital Officer at Gfi.

This white paper has been published by the Gfi Group as part of a much broader action. In November, the "AI Month" by Gfi allowed the organization of numerous initiatives to acculturate and promote concrete solutions related to Artificial Intelligence. These actions include:

  • An internal program for the Group's 20,000 employees around the world to enable all of them to become champions of AI in 20 days;
  • The inauguration of the 6th FabLab by Gfi in Europe, in Madrid, to offer the Group's clients the best expertise, advice and solutions in terms of innovation with an emphasis on proximity;

An evening of rich interaction proposed to the Group's clients in order to understand what value AI can create in each sector and which initiatives can be taken to build a European strategy base on Artificial Intelligence. At the end of the evening, all attendees were offered a copy of the white paper "AI: CHALLENGES & MORE". 

Excerpts - "AI: CHALLENGES & MORE"

"The whole point is to choose the right way to teach a machine.”

"Forget - temporarily - powerful AI and quantum computer: to approach artificial intelligence today, the two complementary concepts are deterministic algorithms and machine learning.“

"All sectors - and almost all professions - are now concerned.”

"Data now allows us to train machines to perform tasks for which previously it was necessary to dictate rules.”

"... today AI is far from possessing the common sense, neutrality and reliability that can be expected from true intelligence at the service of humans.“


"Artificial Intelligence is a revolution that has already begun, but that no one ever talks about unless it is to foster misconceptions, and above all, apprehensions. The most optimistic emphasize the phenomenal progress it heralds.” Jean-François Copé

"These guidelines [...] could shape any future legislation developed by the European Union.” Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science.

"AI is the compression of reflex time. The more AI competes with human speed, the more it will take its place.” François Barrault, President of the IDATE.

"The relationship with AI must be demystified: the question is not whether machines will replace us, but what is the best way to share the value of algorithms.” Carlos Moreno, University Professor, Smart City expert.

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