Umi3d Consortium: Imagining The Future Of 3d Media In Open Source, With Gfi

Gfi and IGG, the team from the ICube laboratory at the University of Strasbourg, have launched the UMI3D project to create a standard dedicated to collaboration between augmented, virtual and mixed reality (AR/VR/MR) devices. Today, any organization can join the UMI3D consortium and contribute to this collaborative project.

UMI3D is a web protocol for creating interactive 3D media where all users of an AR/VR/MR device can collaborate in real time. Unlike existing platforms, UMI3D allows remote interaction and exploitation of the complementarities between different devices. The UMI3D consortium brings together actors from all backgrounds and sectors of activity to redefine the way we work together. From users who share their feedback, to workgroup members who participate in the specifications and open source implementation of UMI3D, everyone contributes to creating a useful and innovative technology that is beneficial to all.

Academics are finding new research opportunities, software developers are accelerating development times and users are reducing the costs associated with developing solutions. "We intend to involve the entire AR/VR/MR community in the creation of technology that contributes to improving collaborative work in a virtual environment. The much talked about digital twin is now becoming the basis for real-time exchange and creation ", says Jean-François Gaudy, Chief Innovation & Digital Officer of the Gfi Group.

Augmented and virtual reality make it possible to create rich experiences for end users. The fields of application of this technology are multiple because the sectors that now have to share a 3D environment are numerous. In industry, for example, work situations can be very complex. Stakeholders in AR/VR/MR projects have different roles and professions, which implies specific devices and therefore specific requirements. "UMI3D is the future of interactive 3D media, because where a single device is not enough to support cooperation, UMI3D allows everyone to appropriate the technology, use it quickly and develop solutions specific to their own uses without having to worry about the devices that will execute it," says Julien Casarin, Head of eXtended Reality (XR) at Gfi Innovation and UMI3D Consortium Coordinator.

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