A key player on the Transport and Logistics market thanks to its Optidock and Optidock Scheduler solutions, Gfi Informatique strengthens its offer by launching OptiYard, a Yard Management System software solution. Gfi Informatique thus becomes the first major European software publisher to propose a logistics yard management offer and to have a complete range of solutions for Distribution, Transport and Logistics operators.

With its innovative OptiYard solution, Gfi Informatique now provides transport and logistics companies with a mobile tool, with a graphical interface, to map their sites and logistics platforms, to know their status and share information in real time with all users. The Group has thus become the first major European publisher to offer this type of solution to large-scale logistics platforms.

The Yard Management System solution, OptiYard, enables user companies to manage all vehicle flows on their sites: locating vehicles and trailers, sending mission orders to yard managers, helping with on-site orientation…. All these elements enable companies to better organize and synchronize activities on their sites while optimizing their operations and increasing productivity, meeting deadlines, reducing the risk of site overload…thus ensuring quality of service to end customers.