Saint-Ouen (France), 1st February 2016 — Gfi Informatique today announces the creation of a major partnership between Gfi Informatique and the 3SI Group that should enable our Group to become a leading player in the e-commerce platform integration and management market.

The 3SI Group possesses strong skills and comprehensive, high-performance solutions for businesses, information systems, IT production and high-availability hosting of the Omnicanal distribution brands
(e-commerce, mail-order sales, etc.).

As part of its evolution, the 3SI Group chose Gfi Informatique as its industrial partner to host its portfolio of e-commerce solutions. Its highly qualified teams, in all around a hundred people, has received an offer of employment to join the workforce of Gfi Informatique in Lille.

As a result, Gfi intends to significantly expand its ability to offer consultancy and systems integration services as well as SaaS and BPO solutions for distribution businesses and all sectors concerned by the digital transformation process.

The additional hosting capacity also acquired will increase Gfi's production computing resources, thereby strengthening our Group’s already powerful growth dynamic in the cloud computing outsourcing market.

Lastly, concomitantly with this new partnership, Gfi Informatique will sign a flexible IT contract with 3SI’s
e-commerce and services to e-commerce brands. As a result, Gfi will be their reference IT partner, able to support them in their development over the medium term.

Next release: 3rd February 2016, publication of fourth-quarter 2015 revenue.

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