The digital revolution has fundamentally changed consumer behaviour. More demanding and better informed than ever, customers expect new services and products in sync with modern usage.

To adapt to these changes and satisfy new consumer habits, enterprises are revisiting not just their organisations and processes but also all the ways they interact with clients: sales support tools, personalised services aligned with modern usage (self-service, click-to-chat, click-to-call, mobility, social networks), etc. They are optimising the client experience by creating cross-channel interactions, and strengthening client relations by applying lead-nurturing strategies.

Digital technologies are also, necessarily, changing the work experience. Enterprises are innovating to meet the expectations of their employees with digital governance, digital workplace, BYOD (buy your own device) schemes, enterprise social networks, e-learning with MOOCs and COOCs, etc.

Support for disruptive innovations

Our CRM Solutions practice supports enterprises as they face the disruptive innovations that we observe in the market, focusing on these major themes. We are working with the ESSEC business school to share our perspective on the emergence of new economic models in financial markets and their impacts on the client experience.

We are helping our clients with valuable transformation projects to resolve problems with the client experience linked to disruptive innovations:

  • Prior consulting with IT departments and core business managers on the framing and alignment of business requirements, the choice of solutions, and the definition of IT and business trajectories;
  • Integration of the principal CRM solutions on the market, in the spirit of end-to-end projects;
  • Expert technical assistance on CRM implementation projects, with support on management and day-to-day problems;
  • Application maintenance, corrective maintenance, and functional support.

Our partners

Gfi partners with the leaders and most innovative CRM publishers in the market:

Our assets

A major player in the digital transformation of enterprises, we are known for our expertise in all Client Experience processes: sales, marketing, sales aids, and digital subscriptions.

We stand out thanks to our solid technical and functional knowledge of the principal market solutions, acquired through practical experience on projects, and also for our neutrality with respect to software publishers.

Our consulting approach is guided by the business challenges facing our clients.

Our proven project methodology rests on three key principles: strong engagement with the business units, iterative development drawing on the SaaS model, and a batch processing approach. We are trusted for our extensive experience with software urbanization, notably in the management of CRM, sales support tools and IS, and for our culture of engagement and style of working in total cooperation, to form strong collaborations with our clients and partners.

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