We accompany our clients throughout the transformation of their IT department and application services.

In order to preciselymeet the expectations of our clients during a major transformation, our application services cover the entire software life cycle – initial advice and definition of requirements, functional and technical design, development and testing, production and guaranteeing the final products. Our objective is to conceive, develop, and maintain business the best applications for the IT departments of our clients.

In 2015 in France, the market for application services (AS), just among computer service enterprises (CSEs) was around 12.5 billion euros. In fact, the top 7 CSEs accounted for 50% of this total.  However, the ongoing quest to reduce costs linked to IT departments has led us to propose a wide range of service models: either paying for resources – individual or group technical assistance, skill centres, or expertise; or paying for results – fee per build, subcontracting maintenance and/or product testing, service centre, outsourcing.

Gfi, your close partner for application services

As a market leader in application services for a wide variety of activity sectors (Banking, Finance and Insurance; Telecom and Media; Public Sector; Utilities; Energy; and Chemistry), Gfi has the skills and experience necessary for all types of services and execution models.

How do we do this? Thanks to a strong workforce of 4,500 IT professionals in our business units and service centres. This resource pool permits us to cover all of our clients’ IT technologies and business domains. Another advantage of Gfi is our proximity to you: we have 40 local offices that completely cover the geographic territory of France.

An agent of transformation for the application services of IT departments

Our industrial structure permits/allows us us to offer end-to-end support for our clients in their transformation programs: governance, information systems, change management, KPIs, etc.  This service is modeled on our legacy of other proven IT services. 

Our Industrial Innovation Factory (DevOps, Agile, Continuous Integration Platform) applies to programs such as entering the mass market, industrialization, subcontracting maintenance, build projects, service centres, and outsourcing. Furthermore, the modernisation of information systems makes it easier to rework, renovate, and automate obsolescent legacy IT. Finally, a detailed evaluation of information systems permits the implementation of industrial-scale testing structures and support missions across the spectrum of Strategy, Analysis, Conception, Execution, Capitalisation and Closure, as well as automation and extensive testing, managing test data, administration of document repositories, DevOps, etc.

These services go along with our other services supporting digital transformations, which in turn concern the mastery of business data: BI and Big Data, Data Science; connected objects – mobility, business usage and UX, innovation, ibeacon, e-learning, etc.; and the transition to e-commerce.

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