Operations managers are currently faced with the challenges of improving quality, developing innovative new services, lowering operating costs, implementing agile infrastructure, reducing technical debt, sourcing, and strategic workforce planning. And mergers, IT convergence issues, internationalisation and innovation are only accelerating the changes.

Our consultancy and expertise offer aims to support companies and their IS Directors in their transformation by offering them agile governance to ensure better performance and risk management.

Help where you need it to ensure a smooth transformation

Our three-tiered offer guides you through the changes for all or part of a transformation programme:

  • Audit: including the recommendations and the outlining of the transformation plan (Org. chart, Governance, Coordination, Processes, Tools, HR strategic workforce planning)
  • Transformation coordination: including outsourcing the transformation
  • Providing innovation and expertise through a complete programme or as support and assistance for your operations: tool integration and expertise, datacentre expertise, End-User Computing, security

Our offer is underpinned by a tried and tested progress plan methodology promoting short-term gains, rolled out gradually over time to ensure sustainability.  Special focus is placed on the process of change to ensure that the practices are fully adopted by IS directors and the prime contractor.

Responding precisely to expectations through multi-faceted experience

We offer consultancy services with a strong operational focus and pledge to achieve solid results in the short term. It is our mission to bring about the transformation within an agile outsourcing system developed in our outsourcing contracts.

The components of our offer

  • Consultancy: we help our customers to set out the direction and target of the transformation and to manage the implementation and change process with the IS directors and prime contractor.
  • ITSM: we have more than 30 ITIL- and ServiceNow/Easyvsta-certified consultants to offer a turnkey offer comprising process revision, the integration of software solutions and change management with IS management and business operational staff.
  • Technology integration: we have developed solid know-how around the integration of key IT production solutions and the expertise in this field. Seventy consultants now assist our customers with supervision, scheduling, hypervision and work station solutions.
  • Security: we offer an operational approach to security, giving our customers access to tried and tested know-how in various entities.  Our offer comprises a security governance component meaning our customers benefit from compliance with standards and a risk assessment, technical and functional hearing kits to assess maturity and potential weaknesses and customisable solutions (access and data security and SIEM) to adapt to the situation.
  • Datacentres: achieving productivity gains while ramping up standardisation and the introduction of new features. We offer a step-by-step approach which goes from centralisation/consolidation to virtualisation and cloud computing. It also comprises various alternatives in order to optimise the TCO through service offers including our technology partners.
  • End user computing: we support our customers in the transformation of PDT by handling all issues related to the IOT, the 3D and the continual expansion of mobility needs through a service catalogue covering application and PDT virtualisation, the workplace, mobility and the roll-out/standardisation of PDT and its applications.

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