The ITPO offer targets improves: service production organisational efficiency, the quality of the service rendered and the professionalism of the customer–supplier relationship. It aims to provide maximum flexibility to absorb the variable costs linked to business challenges.

Responding to the triple challenge of operations, economics and transformation

In the current climate, IS Directors are faced with the challenge of reducing the operations budget. ITPO (IT Process Outsourcing) increases productivity by 15 to 20% over three years. Likewise, the offer may entail a pay-per-use option for standardised documents via a catalogue of services and priority given to OPEX through infrastructure service leasing opportunities. The result is increased responsiveness in terms of business management and automated processes.

Heightened security and productivity

Our standardisation strategy is based on our own model. Named the Transformation Maturity Model (TMM), it comprises progress plans spanning several years. The customer can expect to achieve productivity gains. And what’s more, our infomanagement service is implemented in a gradual and secure manner using a strict methodological strategy for project-mode transitions.

We also offer financial modelling which is possible as a fixed-rate service in the interests of budget control or through invoiced work units for variable processing. Finally, the ISO 2000 and ISO 27 000 standards guarantee that due consideration is given to security and quality management.

An agile method for handling the most important projects

As a key element of our strategy, our standardisation programme allows us to explore break-away paths. Joint governance allows us to align our aims with those of the customer. This is achieved through agile contracts with the option to select the 'fields', even for large-scale projects or major transformation challenges. Similarly, our geographical proximity promotes the implementation of the 'delivery model' with a substantial presence close to the customer. This proximity is strengthened through our French and nearshore service centres which can be assigned to recurrent activities.

Our offer is based on the following principles:

  • Our service provision entails a commitment to results under SLA conditions for ongoing operational services, support services and administration services. For integration and transformation activities, we work in project mode.
  • The prime contractor is responsible for operational, contractual and financial commitments and reports to a project director who centralises the customer relationship. 
  • The comprehensive and upgradable service catalogue helps define the scope of the service and set out the supplier's responsibility.
  • The levels of service are indicted in a contractual SLA setting out our commitment in terms of results.
  • The continuity of service commitment to ensure cover during critical periods also applies outside of working days/hours.
  • The work process modelling is based on the ITIL frame of reference and underpinned by operating procedures.
  • Regular and consistent comitology ensures that results are examined and management decisions taken.
  • The reporting is viewed through a BI-type lens to highlight underlying issues.

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