Faced with the challenges of globalisation, competition, productivity and booming innovation, our clients choose Gfi’s Global Outsourcing offer to benefit from agile, available information systems managed with continuous attention to resource optimisation and cost effectiveness. Those who have developed innovative intellectual property assets for their business sector will find in Gfi a partner able to add value and distribute them on the market. All of Gfi’s know-how is at their disposal in one single contract with commitment to results: consulting, development, solution integration, upgrading and corrective maintenance, IT production and service hosting, and user media. Gfi’s Global Outsourcing is a long-term partner to our clients’ success in their markets.

The global outsourcing of information systems ensures continuity and upgradability for a company’s information systems. Our aim is to deliver the best solutions to our clients: innovations, upgrades and sustainability of information systems, change management, streamlining and cost reduction …

It is a long-term partnership built on collaborative governance between our clients’ general management and Gfi, relying on Gfi’s expertise in consulting as well as the integration, upgrading and corrective maintenance, operation and hosting of information systems, and software publishing.

Gfi’s programme managers offer clients a single contact to manage their information systems, upgrade any aspects of the contract, and benefit from the economical use of resources offered by our service centres in Europe and North Africa.

Our sector-specific knowledge of our clients’ core businesses and our capacity to integrate innovative technologies maximise the efficiency of the upgrades we offer.

Our strong regional presence enables us to offer our clients’ employees rewarding career prospects in their employment areas.

With network planners and architects to secure renovations and new implementations, Gfi takes information systems to a state of the art, eliminating technical debt and accelerating digital transformation in a company.

The intensive use of DevOps and agile methods accelerates implementation and facilitates interaction between the client’s business teams and Gfi.

Information systems are operated by teams that are geared to meet the most demanding service levels in terms of continuity, availability, security and performance on a 24/7 basis.

Our hosting centres are ISO 27 001 certified, tier 3 and 4 classified, and able to support sector-specific certifications (PCI-DSS, health data host, etc.) in compliance with the demands of our clients’ core businesses.

Gfi has partnerships with selected telecom, datacenter and cloud computing operators to guarantee system and data availability and secure transaction and processing efficiency.

Depending on our clients’ requirements and needs, these can be located in France or abroad, on Gfi-owned infrastructures or in IaaS, PaaS or SaaS mode.


Gfi Global Outsourcing includes:

  • General Management and COMEX sponsoring
  • Business consulting
  • Architecture and information systems consulting
  • Business and IT innovations
  • Software publishing
  • DevOps and Agile developments
  • Information system integration
  • Information system maintenance
  • Extensive social transition expertise and experience
  • Country-based and near-shore service centres
  • IT production
  • Automation and industrialisation
  • 24/7 operation and hosting
  • Hosting in datacenters and Cloud Computing
  • ISO 27 001


Gfi Global Outsourcing is for a long-term partnership to ensure success for our clients in their markets:

  • Collaborative governance of outsourcing contracts to serve our clients’ business needs
  • A tool that is adapted to our clients’ organisational model, backed by Gfi’s industrial service centres
  • Contractual progress schedules with business, technical and financial goals
  • The guarantee of agile, available information systems managed with state-of-the-art best practices and an ongoing concern to optimise the use of resources.
  • The capacity to add value and market innovative, business-specific IT assets
  • Gfi’s strong presence in the regions and employment areas of its clients

A growth dynamic and recognised experience in workforce transition to offer the best prospects to our clients’ teams.

 Or do they mean « staff » (workforce/labour) ?

 « transition sociale » - I suppose it means moving people elsewhere once outsourcing has made them redundant?

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