A potential gain of 40% in operational results for a successful digital transformation

"Industrie du Futur": don’t miss the movement!

The progressive and growing involvement of new digital technologies, as promised by the “Industrie du Futur” (Industry 4.0) government programme in France, is essential to enterprises in their race for competitiveness and innovation. To accelerate this movement, government is implementing numerous initiatives permitting the industrial base to take advantage of the powerful catalyst that is digital transformation. However, it is up to enterprises to launch their initiatives immediately, knowing that the road to becoming an “Industry 4.0” is complex and full of pitfalls.

In this context, Gfi Business Transformation accompanies companies and administrations in their transformation plans, guiding them in their choices and the implementation of this new mode of working. Our approach is multidisciplinary: we place humans at the heart of the industry, giving workers the skills and tools they need to become more effective.

How to efficiently subsidise French SMEs and intermediate enterprises

The main factor preventing an SME or intermediate enterprise from becoming an “Industry 4.0” is their investment capacity, which is greatly limited by the need for quick profitability. To alleviate this need for financial resources, the French government has given its regions funding for business loans, which they have to distribute according to a global strategy of maximum efficiency!

To succeed at this plan for territorial industry development, Gfi Business Transformation brings you its sectoral, business, and technological expertise. Our value proposition consists of helping you evaluate the maturity of SMEs and intermediate enterprises in your region. To do this, we rely on a rigorous methodology based on a questionnaire covering the major functions of the enterprise (Purchasing, Sales, Production, etc.) and their degree of integration with new digital technologies. Putting these results in perspective will give you a clear picture of the strengths and weaknesses of the enterprises in each activity sector, in order to set priorities regarding their transformation.

How to make the dream a reality

The Industrie du Futur programme and the technologies it brings are provoking enormous passion, and promise performance improvements that can attain up to a 20% reduction in production costs.  But concretely, how is this achieved?  The temptation can be strong to embrace the technology of the moment. But in this case, the enterprise can find itself in an impasse if it did not succeed in industrialising its choice.

In order to ensure the transition to an “Industry of the Future”, Gfi Business Transformation takes on rapid transformation projects (less than 4 months) during which our experts work toward validating the target operational concept, defining the architecture that will support this change, choosing the right tools to bring about this change, and implementing the structures to work differently.

Gfi Business Transformation is part of the AllianceIndustrie du Futur collective and in this role actively exchanges skills and energies with other professional organisations, scientific agencies, and regional authorities.

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